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Rikas are no longer “Overthinking” [Video]

Much like the rest of us, 2020 for Stuttgart-based four-piece Rikas didn’t go as planned. Their intention to spend the year touring their sublime debut album Showtime was dashed in early spring, and thus it allowed them the time away from their typically hectic schedule to slow down and look inward, leading to their first release of the year, the simultaneously timely and timeless, “Overthinking.”

The band reflect on the introspective lyrics via an email statement, sharing that, “It felt weird, but somehow it was good to have some time to reflect and think about what we did for the last couple of years. Since we started the band in 2016, we played over 250 shows around Europe and released our debut album. So much was happening, that for some reason we forgot that we have been living our dream in the past years.”

With all the extra time on their hands, the pressure to create and pursue their dream promptly followed, “we were kind of stuck in a writer’s block” they continue. “But somehow this song came in one day and we all fell in love immediately. We knew that this song will be our first song after our record Showtime.”

“Overthinking has a feel-good vibe but we are actually talking about the feeling of being overwhelmed with life and everything whats going on. You tend to compare yourself a lot and then you get the impression that your art or what you do is never enough,” they summarise on the motivations for the song. Sharing the same feelgood-meets-melancholy hue as acts such as Wallows, and sweetened with nostalgic harmonies akin to the likes of Parcels, “Overthinking” is quintessential indie-pop; warm and upliftingly rose-tinted, it tastefully balances contemporary tendencies with the iconic sounds of the past that are responsible for the genre as we know it.

“Overthinking” is available now via Humming Records.

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