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Julia Bondar – Inner (Outro of Industrial Symphony, Official Video)

Julia Bondar is a Ukrainian born, Barcelona based electronic music artist, singer, and songwriter. Her journey as a musician started when she was making demos for Endorphin.es eurorack modular synthesizers to help her partner, Andreas Zhukovsky, the founder and developer of the Endorphine.es brand, to promote and demonstrate the possibilities of the freshly engineered modules for the market. Bondar soon became a co-founder of the brand and moved the company from Kiev, Ukraine, to Barcelona, Spain. This triggered her to delve into the modular synth scene and develop her knowledge of synthesizers amongst fellow artists who have grown exponentially over the years.

The inspiration of the modern underground movement after midnight resonates in Julia Bondar´s music and her sound employs the powerful and unique characteristics of analog machines while also being harmoniously linked to the pleasant, danceable, and hypnotic atmosphere of industrial rhythms. As a live act performer, she utilizes dynamic equipment to deliver raw power and an unforgettable feeling from the real electroacoustic instruments that resonates from stage to dancefloor.

Her debut album ‘Blck Noir’ was released in 2018 when she formed part of the duo Principal Uno together with Andreas Zhukovsky, and this record gained her notoriety for her singing and modular synthesizer performances. This album was her first endeavor to try to find herself as an artist in the electronic music scene and develop her sound, delivering a minimal, cold, melancholic yet dance-inducing vibe. As it was entirely made on eurorack modular synthesizers, ‘Blck Noir’ was featured in a magazine about new technologies in musical instruments ‘Open Source’ 2019.

In 2019, she transitioned to producing as a solo artist under her real name Julia Bondar, but still kept ties with her partner Zhukovsky, who creates and directs all music videos for her at the ‘Endorphin.es Production’ studio. This same year Bondar released her electro, downtempo album ‘In My Neighborhood’ on the renowned Detroit Underground label. The release was followed by videos for her tracks ‘Queer’ and ‘Hail’ shot by Zhukovsky and both tracks were also released on tapes which sold out in 2 weeks. Her inspiration for this album came from the early memories of her childhood spent in Eastern Europe.

In collaboration with Zhukovsky, cinematic visuals became an integral part of Bondar’s work that has completed the holistic idea of their purpose: to tell stories. In summer 2019, two of her singles ‘Fleurs do Mal’ and ‘Dramatique Waters’ that delivered minimal synth wave vibes were released along with accompanying music videos.

In December 2019, the French label ‘Unknown Pleasure Records’ reissued in CD format her best electro tracks. At the same time as this, Bondar continued to work on the development of her techno sound and in winter 2019 she published her techno EP ‘I Want Forbidden’ containing 3 tracks and a music video for her track ‘Lust’.

Julia Bondar’s ‘Industrial Symphony’ LP released in September 2020 further explores her passion for modular synthesizers and her ability to extract ‘orchestral’ sounds from synthetic equipment. A blend of techno rhythms and dark pop, this album pays tribute to Bondar’s idea of a modern industrial symphony. In the end of 2020 that album was additionally released in as live version record.

2021 starts with the new ‘Enchanted’ single which was mixed and mastered by platinum record selling musician and record producer Glenn Morrison at his multi Grammy Award winning Alpine Studio Mastering.

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